Salmon Croquettes

Salmon Croquettes

These fresh fish cakes … wow, just …wow! On cool, rainy days Felix always brings the sun, which is exactly what he did here. I was having another crazy day at work and by the time I made it to my car that evening, Felix had texted me a pic of these salmon cakes. “I’ve saved you some if you want a couple,” he said. I may have broken several laws making my way to his apartment that night, and regret none of it.

When I sat down to this plate of freshly fried salmon, with a delicious side of Felix’s tartar sauce, and a heaping helping of buttery mashed potatoes, my world instantly reset to my happy place. Once in a while, I am simply stunned by the power of a loving meal, how a single bite can almost bring me to tears, as it instantly wipes away any worries and struggles of the moment. Felix’s Salmon Croquettes have that magic. No lie, I almost cried. I looked at my wife, my shoulders dropped, and I inhaled, shaking my head in stunned joy at how fantastically flavorful this simple fish cake was.

Trust me, you must make these, and I would suggest doubling the recipe, then freezing some of the cakes before frying, so you can show yourself some love one rainy day when you just need a warm hug on a plate.

Salmon Croquettes Recipe
15 min
20 min
DIET: None
Salmon Croquettes Recipe

PREP TIME: 15 min
COOK TIME: 20 min
DIET: None


1 lb fresh salmon, skin and pin bones removed
1 T + 2 T olive oil, divided
1 lemon, juice of
salt and pepper
½ med red bell pepper, diced
½ lg yellow onion, diced
1 t dried dill
1 t dried parsley
3 c panko bread crumbs
½ c mayo
1 T Dijon mustard
1 egg


Salmon Croquettes
Preheat oven to 350°. Season salmon with 1 T olive oil and half of lemon juice (1.5 T), and a pinch each of salt and pepper. Transfer to a parchment-lined sheet pan and bake salmon until cooked through (140° internal), approx. 10 minutes total. Let cool and flake salmon into a mixing bowl; set aside.

Meanwhile, sauté pepper and onion in 2 T olive oil until softened, approx. 3 min.

Salmon Croquettes
Add to salmon, with remaining ingredients, a big pinch each of salt and pepper.
Salmon Croquettes
Chill mixture 1 hour.
Salmon Croquettes
Form into small cakes, dusting with more panko.
Salmon Croquettes
Add vegetable oil to medium skillet, heating until shimmering. Carefully fry cakes for 2 minutes per side; drain on paper towels. Serve with lemons and Felix and Greg’s Tartar Sauce.
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