Mexican Fruit Salad

Mexican Fruit Salad

You have probably noticed that Felix and I absolutely love Tajin! We really love sprinkling it on juicy mangoes, ripe watermelon and sweet pineapple in this delicious Mexican Fruit Salad. Tajin has such a delicious tart and unique flavor. It adds a wonderful twist to many of our favorite foods. We’ve also added cucumber to the mix to balance the sweetness of the fruit. Honestly, any of your own favorite fruits, such as cantaloupe or honeydew, citrus wedges, papaya chunks, even bananas will work here. Felix and I think you should mix the salad while sitting by your pool, whatever size it might be – kiddie pools count, too, right?! Put on some of your/our favorite tunes, starting with Duran Duran’s “Rio,” of course. Perhaps enjoy a fruity drink with your cool salad. Grab your sunglasses and swimsuit, and a best friend or two. This fruity recipe is just so fun to share, share, share!

Mexican Fruit Salad Recipe
15 min
1 hour
DIET: Vegan, GF

PREP TIME: 15 min
COOK TIME: 1 hour
DIET: Vegan, GF


2 mangoes, skin removed, cut into bite-size chunks
3 c seedless watermelon, cut into bite-size chunks
2 c pineapple, cut into bite size chunks
1 English cucumber, cut into bite-size chunks
2 limes, juice of
1 lemon, juice of
3 T Tajin
Dash of hot sauce


Gently mix all fruit and cucumber together. Add lime and lemon juice and chill at least one hour. When ready to serve, add Tajin and divide among serving dishes. Wet the rim of the dishes and sprinkle generously with Tajin, then add a dash of hot sauce to each, as desired.

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